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seful foods - Those that must be consumed

Are all the good foods that provide with nutrients and vitality to the body, and thus give the correct functionality to all its organs, therefore offering to it a correct health and helping it to avoid and to diminish and often until to eliminate diseases and malfunctions.  

Fundamentally, We consider as Useful Foods those that still stay with life and can reproduce it. In the case that the food does not contain the seed, it is always taken as a Useful Food if their cells are latent and are living. 
This is the case of eatable vegetables, fungi and fruits in raw state.

Nevertheless, when we cook foods that are alive (or raw), their cells die and lose most of their nutritional virtues.

On the contrary, there are some foods that never must be raw eaten , instead they must be cooked. As is in the case of the eggs, the yucca, the potatoes. From them, their mineral components are taken as nutrients

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