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Within the popular and naturalist tradition, it has been observed that great amount of upheavals of the health, or often wrongly called "diseases", are not more than inadequate forms of feeding against the nature in which our human bodies are built. When these bad situations are suffered, a great amount of them, not to say almost all , diminishes and almost disappear with only changing the nutritional habits that one were engaged in with others that really agree with our biological designs.

Here we give a table that we have called "the vowels of the foods", where you will find, from our exclusively personal point of view, a description of the different types of foods that could cause problems, and foods that could help to have a better health. Of course, you could agree or not with this list.

The better way to reach to one better health and one better life, is to stay away from eating  system-stressing foods and all other inconvenient foods, and to start eating the useful foods.

A classification of diverse foods, according to the vowels of the alphabet.
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Allergenic  foods
Foods that when are eaten make allergic reactions, and that must be analyzed individually, and that must be determined by each person, because they are variable from person to person. They are foods that must be avoided.
Examples of system-stressing foods
Foods that cause biological stress in a person, foods which put the organism to work in excess, no matter if the person realizes or not that he/she is under that condition of stress. They are foods that must be avoided.

They are foods that must be avoided.

Indifferent foods
Foods that do not cause allergy, neither stress, nor offend, nor are useful. No problem if they are eaten.
Offensive foods
Foods that can poison or produce damages or diseases to short, medium or long term.They are foods that must be avoided.
Useful foods
They are all the good foods that provide with nutrients and vitality to the body, and help it to work correctly at all its organs, thus offering a correct health and helping  to avoid, diminish and often eliminate diseases and malfunctions.They are the foods that must be preferred. 






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